Soy Beautiful

Soy Beautiful was created by two women who wanted to know the ingredients they were using to fragrance their homes. They wanted to make sure that the wax they were using was eco friendly and safe for their families and pets. Most of all they wanted to make sure the fragrance was free of parabens and phthalates. This was something important to both of them.

Amanda Johnson, owner of Truth Niagara- a handmade bath and body consultant based company was eager to work alongside another woman who had a flare and passion for this company idea. Deanna had been a Truth Niagara consultant for 2 years, left her job of 11 years and started working for Truth Niagara. Deanna was well known in the area for her unique cake and cookie designs. Deanna also had experience in a kitchen setting. Mixing the two to create one company was a match made in heaven. Amanda with her previous business experience and Deanna with her creative baker vision. They knew they would be the perfect team mates for each other. So it started- Soy Beautiful Wax Co.



wife, mom of 2 boys, 2 fur babies
Enjoys: baking, spending time with her family, creating new ideas.

favorite band: beastie boys

Favorite food: cheesecake


32, furbaby mom of 5

14 tattoos, enjoys jazz
and blues music

advocate for mental

health and more

addiction resources